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PKMT leaders said that after the passage of amendment it was the responsibility of the provinces 18th to tackle the agriculture department and matters relating to it.
The PKMT leaders said that the draft seed act was based on the demands of agro-chemical transnational corporations because the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) had highlighted in one of its report that Pakistan lacked national seed and plant breeders' legislation.
In the PKMT project, the ideological change from the former, nomadic huntinggathering and swiddening way of life, to that of a "peasant society" based on the model of Malay/Javanese farmers, was advocated.
If the results were considered satisfactory, according to the field staff and the Regency's Depsos office, then the second step of the implementation of the PKMT project could proceed.
By and large, the PKMT program was designed within the context of the national integration goal during Indonesia's New Order (1966-1998).
In other words, they did not belong to the category of "isolated community" (masyarakat terasing) identified by the field staff of the Depsos who did extensive surveys of all accessible places to identify possible PKMT projects, but rather to the Dayak or Berau Malay (Orang Benuwa).
In Teluk Sumbang, the "socio-cultural approach" (POS) had been implemented and later the PKMT program was developed by the Depsos of Berau.
115) which have not been involved in a PKMT resettlement project, the differences are striking.