PKOCPassionate Kiss on the Cheek
PKOCPeacekeeping Operation Center (AFP)
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The PKOC is stationed at Camp O' Donnell which also houses the Mechanized Infantry Division and the Training and Doctrine Command.
Thus, the organic nature of the PKOC makes it a promising candidate in the earth resistance-reducing agents.
A natural method of reducing earth resistance will be replacing all soil in the effective resistance area with the PKOC. However this method may not in general make sense economically.
Chemical properties of the PKOC were tested in a Soil Research Institute.
Sodium and Potassium were determined by taken 5ml of 1:1 nitric acid concentrate + perchloric acid, 5ml of concentrated sulphuric acid and 1g sample PKOC mixed in a digestion flask and placed on electro-thermal heater for an hour.
To determine the effectiveness of the earth resistance reduction technique, a 100% PKOC was applied as a backfill in a critical resistance radius of earth electrode at selected sites and resistance behavior at the sites monitored over period of three years.
Name of project: procurement of power pack with torque wrench on specific make basis at pkoc
Name of Project: Procurement of led cap lamps for pkoc manuguru
Name of Project: Procurement of 220hp/440v sci motor for crusher unit at pkoc manuguru
Name of Project: Revisiting of old ob dump plantations of pkoc manuguru area in 10 ha during 2018
Tenders are invited for Supply And Fixing Of Cabin Glasses And Beading On Hemm On Rate Contract Basis For A Period Of Two Years For Pkoc
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Spares For Cat-9 Model Caterpillar Engine Working On Rel Make C650d Model Drill Machine At Pkoc