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PKVPrivate Kranken Versicherung (German: private health insurance)
PKVPrivate Krankenversicherungen Vergleich (German: Private Health Insurance Comparison)
PKVPezzi King Vineyards (California)
PKVPublic Key Verification
PKVPappenheimer Kunststoffmaschinen Vertrieb (German: Pappenheimer Plastic Machinery Sales; Pappenheim, Germany)
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The isolate also solubilized phosphate as indicated from the zone formed on PKV medium and the pH change of the culture in Pikovskaya's broth.
Scenario building on the basis of workshops and panel discussions can be observed in four projects: PF, DSV, PKV and OPV.
Verband der privaten Krankenversicherung (2002): PKV und Recht.
By incorporating the latest microprocessors in PKV electronic units, fast and accurate results can be achieved.
Routine prenatal screening for maternal PKV is not recommended.
PKV NL-260 variety shows moderate resistance to powdery mildew, Alternaria and budfly.
PKV, 2007, Zahlenbericht der privaten Krankenversicherung 2006/2007 [Data Report of Private Health Insurance].