PLACPublic Lands Advisory Committee (various locations)
PLACPacifiCare Life Assurance Company (Salt Lake City, UT)
PLACPublic Library Access Card
PLACProduct Liability Advisory Council, Inc.
PLACPrior Learning Assessment Center (academic credit assessment)
PLACPattern Languages: Addressing Challenges
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"When at the festal board, in order plac'd, They hear the song."
The chief were those who from the Pit of Hell Roaming to seek their prey on earth, durst fix Their Seats long after next the Seat of God, Their Altars by his Altar, Gods ador'd Among the Nations round, and durst abide JEHOVAH thundring out of SION, thron'd Between the Cherubim; yea, often plac'd Within his Sanctuary it self their Shrines, Abominations; and with cursed things His holy Rites, and solemn Feasts profan'd, And with their darkness durst affront his light.
Two methods are used; one is to plac a carcass on a level piece of ground within an enclosure o sticks with an opening, and when the condors are gorged to gallop up on horseback to the entrance, and thus enclos them: for when this bird has not space to run, it canno give its body sufficient momentum to rise from the ground The second method is to mark the trees in which, frequentl to the number of five or six together, they roost, and the at night to climb up and noose them.
Nevertheless, in two places in this very centra region, I found small heaps of stones, which I do not thin could have been accidentally thrown together.
Gan fabwysiadu ystum ychydig bach yn debyg i un o'r Derwyddon yn wynebu'r Rhufeiniaid gynt, mi dorrais y plac plastig ar draws fy mhen-glin a thaflu'r darnau i'r coed islaw.
The services of the PLAC will be initially offered to Malayali expats in the GCC and some other Middle Eastern countries, said Harikrishnan Namboothiri, CEO of Norka Roots.
A PLAC kit, associated standards, and quality-control pools for measurement of Lp-[PLA.sub.2] concentration were purchased from diaDexus (now Diazyme).
Cafodd y plac ei roi gan Gor Rygbi Gogledd Cymru ac fe fuon nhw'n canu nifer o emynau yn y gwasanaeth hwn ac mewn nifer o seremoniau eraill.
Diagnostic company diaDexus (Other OTC:DDXS) stated on Thursday that the traditional 510(k) submission of the PLAC Test for Lp-PLA2 Activity was found to contain all of the necessary information needed to proceed with the substantive review by the US Food and Drug Administration.
She acted as her husband's adviser for cracking down on crime and corruption, and was responsible for sending two people -- including the PLAC secretary in Wushan County -- to prison.
Byddwn yn cyflwyno Plac Glas i siop sglodion yn Llannerchymedd, ac yn holi cwestiynau i'r digrifwr Elis James.