PLADPlasma Doping (semiconductor doping Ion Implantation replacement technique)
PLADPersonal Lift Assist Device (body lifting)
PLADPlain Language Address Directory
PLADPulsed Laser Ablation Deposition
PLADPlain Language Address Designator
PLADPosterior Lip Augmentation Device (hip surgery)
PLADPoverty Level Aged or Disabled
PLADPaperless LANTIRN Automated Depot
PLADPrecision Landing Air Drop
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The new 15 kW and 30 kW PLAD designs lower the cost of voltage surge protection, preventing the disruption of digital signal processing, component damage and interruption of function due to inductive load dumps or the indirect effects of lightning.
Microsemi said that the PLAD package combines a large die size with a large exposed bottom-side metal slug for heat sinking that improves power handling as compared to through-hole packaged designs.
PLAD ion implantation allows manufacturers to continue shrinking device geometries, but makes photoresist difficult to remove with conventional ash-wet processes.
We needed to update the formatted-message disk with the proper PLADs.
The OPREP-3 message gave us our first insight we had more problems with our PLADs than the shift from CCG-CCDG to CSG.
The property, located at Amerika Plads in Copenhagen's Sdr.
TK Development and the Port of Copenhagen also sold 11,000 square metres of residential building rights at Amerika Plads to JM Danmark A/S, a subsidiary of the Swedish developer JM AB, which was to develop the property with some 100 exclusive dwellings, TK Development said.
Denmark time, at The Sophie Amalie Hotel, Sankt Annae Plads 21, 1250 Copenhagen K Denmark, for all shareholders of record on April 17, 2003.
Tenders are invited for technical advice and assistance - hans knudsens plads 3.
The information meeting will take place on Amerika Plads 15, 2100 Kbenhavn the 08.