PLAFPluggable Look and Feel (Java Programming)
PLAFPluggable Look and Feel
PLAFPeople's Liberation Armed Forces (Viet Nam)
PLAFPapillary Lesions with Atypical Features (cytopathology)
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Figure 5 shows the PLPF [] versus PLAF [f.sub.flow] at a discharge static pressure of 0.5 in.
While there was some scatter in the data, the data tended to group together along a nonlinear curve that could be fit with the third-degree polynomial shown in Equation 7, except that the definitions in Equations 9 and 10 would be substituted for the PLPF [] and the PLAF [f.sub.flow].
The PLPF versus PLAF data for the ECM-500, 750, and 1000 were added to the ECM-333 units and all were plotted together in Figure 7.
The only exception was at values of the PLAF below 0.17 where the PLPF estimated by the fourth-degree polynomial fit increased with decreasing values of PLAF.
The PLPF versus PLAF curve shown in Figure 7 was generated with the power and airflows normalized to their respective values at the maximum settings of the ECMs.
For the curve that dropped down from 2000 [ft.sup.3]/min (0.94 [m.sup.3]/s), the PLAF at a partial airflow value was calculated, then used to determine the PLPF.
If a slightly larger FPTU was chosen which had a capacity of 2500 [ft.sup.3]/min (1.18 [m.sup.3]/s) at its maximum ECM setting, but was set at a lower airflow so that it produced the required 2000 [ft.sup.3]/min (0.94 [m.sup.3]/s), then its PLAF would be 2000/2500 = 0.8.
The PLAF heard the noise as these units moved into position.
ARVN had been ineffective throughout and PLAF soldiers had fought valiantly before dispersing to fight again elsewhere another day.
The first two chapters are notable, the author providing historical background of the US Military Assistance Advisory Group, Indochina; the Vietnamese National Army; and the PLAF. Here, Toczek describes both the organizational and historical development, as well as political factors influencing the two opposing forces, and details the operational aspects (air mobility) in the ARVN and the role of the advisory system.
The penultimate chapter also considers the PLAF's notion of the battle as its victory as well as media articles and releases that followed.