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PLAIDProject-Level Aid (now AidData)
PLAIDPosition Location and Identification
PLAIDPrecision Location and Identification
PLAIDPatchy Land Atmosphere Interactive Dynamics
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In a few moments, his plaid cloak was cut into numerous strips.
The clansmen on every side stripped their plaids, prepared their arms, and there was an awful pause of about three minutes, during which the men, pulling off their bonnets, raised their faces to heaven, and uttered a short prayer; then pulled their bonnets over their brows and began to move forward at first slowly.
And, indeed, when Flambeau crossed the hill that morning, he saw that strange being, the just miser, digging at the desecrated grave, the plaid round his throat thrashing out in the mountain wind; the sober top hat on his head.
A soldier, roused by the noise, unrolled his plaid, and looked up to see what was going forward.
In the afternoon Lord George came forth again, dressed in a black velvet coat, and trousers and waistcoat of the Gordon plaid, all of the same Quaker cut; and in this costume, which made him look a dozen times more strange and singular than before, went down on foot to Westminster.
His boots were, on a small scale, the boots of a ploughman, while his legs, so crossed and recrossed with scratches that they looked like maps, were bare below a very short pair of plaid drawers finished off with two frills of perfectly different patterns.
Knowing the effect of show and dress upon men in savage life, and wishing to make a favorable impression as the eris, or chiefs, of the great American Fur Company, some of them appeared in Highland plaids and kilts to the great admiration of the natives.
Then dressing in Highland plaids and kilts, and making similar arrangements, with presents of rum, wine, or anything that is at hand.
This lady, who was long, lean and loosely put together, was clad in raiment intricately looped and fringed, with plaids and stripes and bands of plain colour disposed in a design to which the clue seemed missing.
So we hunted up the old stories, got a bagpipe, put on our plaids, and went in, heart and soul, for the glory of the Clan.
TWO former Llais Gwynedd councillors and an independent are standing for Plaid Cymru in the forthcoming council elections.
Her dress was designed byE[sz] Alexander McQueen who often features plaid in his collections, and this year has seen designers and brands such as Lacoste, Y-3, Preen, and Yoji Yamamoto feature plaid in their various designs, and in various colors.