PLALPulsed Laser-Ablation in Liquids (chemistry)
PLALPro-Life Action League
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Tamano de las Nps-Au obtenidos por Spectroscopy Dynamic Light (DLS): coloides producidas por la tecnica PLAL.
Caracterizacion por espectroscopia UV-Vis de los coloides producidas por el metodo PLAL.
To determine inclusion in the 9 new groups, the grouper software looks at three areas of the MDS: (1) section P and T for rehabilitation minutes; (2) Extensive Services qualifiers, i.e., K5 item for Parenteral/IV (K5a), section P1 items for IV Medication (Plac), Suctioning (Plai), Tracheostomy care (Plaj), or Ventilator/Respirator (Plal); and (3) section G to determine ADL index.
PROFESSIONAL Life Assurance Limited (PLAL) has joined Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) in offering free life assurance cover to every Swiftcash customer in the country.
According to the managing director of PLAL Rajagopal Krishnaswamy, the partnership will provide a chance to customers for accessing the insurance cover that offers financial protection in the event of death for an amount of K750,000.