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Optical fiber users use Nifty, OCN, and Plala as their ISPs, and about 45% of them have used optical online connection for one to two years.
Plala: Fujio Takayama, Kayoko Kawashima, Naoko Takahashi, Tomoko Tobo, Minako Takahashi
The announcement two weeks ago by Japan's largest cable television provider, Jupiter Programming, that it has pacted with Tohokushinsha Film Corp., Secom, Nifty Corp., Plala Networks and electronic giant NEC Corp.
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Plala Networks Inc., an NTT East subsidiary, is providing the new service for subscribers to the group's broadband services, enabling them to watch 30 channels and 1,000 titles of movies and other content on TV.
Under the strategy, two more Net access services of the group, plala and WAKWAK that are run by NTT East Corp.'s subsidiaries, are considering merging their operations.