PLAMProgram Library Access Method
PLAMPrice Level Adjusted Mortgage (finance)
PLAMPlastic Laminate
PLAMPatient Locator and Minder (brain injury)
PLAMPorcine Lung Alveolar Macrophages (cells)
PLAMPolymer Local Anesthetic Matrix Devices (anesthesia)
PLAMPeople's Liberation Army of Malawi
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Based on analysis of PLAM index, this paper gives a quantitative description of basic physical attributes of the so-called static and stable atmospheric system, which provides some important clues for analyzing and diagnosing the mechanism of meteorological impacts on air pollution.
(9.) Bracher V, Parlevliet J, Fazeli A, Pieterse MC, Vos PLAM, et al.
Myers RJK, Plam CA, Cuevas E, Gunatilleke IUN, Brossard M (1994) The synchronization of nutrient mineralization and plant nutrient demand.
Designed to reduce color blemishes, the new Plagate Mixing Tip (Plam Tip) is said to be easy to assemble and highly durable, even when running glass-filled materials.
Changes in Eva transpiration from oil plam satand (Elaeis guinensis) exposed to seasonal soil water deficits.
16, 2009), 18882/20090416/; Erik Plam, Swedish Antipiracy Law.
After gaining partnership there, he started import and export and worked a lot for coconut oil plam plantation and has a durable reputation for this plantation throughout Pakistan.
Instituto de Ecologia y Plantas Medicinales -- IE PLAM, Cusco -- Peru.
A number of villages along the coast were razed to the ground: Tang Plam, Hamu Kulaok, Ca-ndah, Tal Yau, Baoh Masuh, Jawum, Nadah Tang, Baoh Manah, Cahok, Bal Mak, Ula Panrang and Aia Cak.