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PLANCPre-Law Advisors National Council
PLANCPermits, Licences, Authorisations, Notifications and Consents (UK)
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Terrain attributes included: elevation (ELEV), slope, aspect (ASP), profile curvature (PROFC), plan curvature (PLANC), flow accumulation (FA), catchment area (CA) and compound topographic index (CTI).
Occasionally someone walks directly toward the camera and obliterates the scene with the darkness of his silhouette; the illusion of unchecked advance seems to shatter the picture planc. The 9/11 context lends the piece a metaphysical edge.
1 Peter = Cicero, Planc. 66 'clarorum virorum atque magnorum non minus otii quam negotil rationem exstare oportere']." For discussion concerning the connections between Tacitus and his predecessors under the republic, see Woodman 180-83.
Planc. 53: but there is no reason why the principle should not have extended to others.
"At the other extreme," says Leake, "are the correspondents who are supposed to fly in for their part of the story and consistently say, 'Can I take a later planc?' with the result that the producer does all the work."
Besides, it gave another date of December 16 the date fall of Dhaka, for implementing PlanC announced on November 30 in federal capital, he added.
The bleak uplands of Wales could support few cereal crops other than oats so, in common with other Celtic countries, they formed part of the staple diet, used as a cereal in soups or porridge, or shaped into thin cakes and cooked on the planc or bakestone.
Karachi -- Pakistan Peoplea[euro](tm)s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary Senator Taj Haider while expressing sympathy to the Pakistan Tehreeke Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said the Karachiites had rejected him for his antieconomy PlanC, which had caused the national exchequer to suffer a Rs.
[sections] 2] | defixurus sim'; Planc. 35 `si quid est quod ...
Several rallies were taken out in the city to inform people about the closure of Karachi under the PlanC of Imran Khan.
He had announced this scheme as part of PTIa[euro](tm)s planC to force the government for vote counting.