PLANEXPlanning Exercise
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In addition to other references noted in this section, the author used his personal observations from the following: Unified Engagement 08, Unified Quest 08, Future Game 09, Unified Quest 09, Unified Quest 10, Unified Quest 12 PLANEX, Unified Quest 12 Capstone, Unified Quest 13 Deep Futures, Unified Engagement 10, Nimble Titan 10, Schriever Wargame 12, Unified Engagement 12, Nimble Titan 12, Future Game 13, Army Joint Forcible Entry Experiment, Army Combined Arms Maneuver-Wide Area Security Experiment, Army Gain and Maintain Operational Access Experiment-Army Fires Experiment Tactical to Strategic, and Army SIMEX 13.
Lior Nabat, Tradency's CEO, expounds: "We are extremely happy to welcome PLANEX to our growing list of leading financial institutions.
Overall, the PLANEX solution philosophy will allow Telefonica to deploy an enterprisewide system to improve company decision making.