PLASIPulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator
PLASIPulsating Light Approach Slope Indicator (aviation)
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Highest score of mean before and after treatment; absolute difference and relative difference in study was found with PLASI.
Largest absolute difference and relative difference was found in PLASI, i.
Steepest slope is found in regression with PLASI and PGA indicating that PLASI can differentiate levels of severity more accurately than PGA.
Regression between PLASI and PGA, PLASI and BSA have intercept greater than five (a=5.
The correlation between PASI and PLASI in this study was higher than that found by Hensler et al, (4,5) Feldman et al, (6,7,8) (r = 0.
Using PASI, the improvements are 0% (No change in BSA score) and 20% respectively, whereas PLASI shows improvements of 16.
PLASI is the best sensitive indicator of disease severity in mild-to-moderate psoriasis.
PASI is better than PLASI in psoriasis when improvement is poor and when BSA is in 100--50% interval.