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Early in the morning I worked barefooted, dabbling like a plastic artist in the dewy and crumbling sand, but later in the day the sun blistered my feet.
The eyes of the father followed the plastic and ingenious movements of the son with open delight, and he never failed to smile in reply to the other's contagious but low laughter.
The whole organisation seems to have become plastic, and tends to depart in some small degree from that of the parental type.
The same fluency may be observed in every work of the plastic arts.
Al least they have a second use, then they go in the plastic wheelie bin.
Despite these challenges, making dense plastic bales is not impossible, as long as recyclers keep a few tips in mind.
The term "phthalates," short for "orthophthalates," refers to a class of additives that are used in some plastic products, specifically products made with a particular type of plastic--polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl)--to make the material soft and flexible.
2) Life cycle assessment studies of plastic bags versus paper bags produce similar findings on this paper product, proving that neither is an enviromnentally sound choice.
But certain types of plastic are made with chemicals that may cause health problems if they leach into food.
Understanding what kind of waste makes it into our landfills can help us answer the paper versus plastic question.