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PLATPlateau (Canada Post road designation)
PLATPlasminogen Activator, Tissue
PLATPilot Landing Aid Television
PLATPeople's Liberation Army of Thailand (est. 1969)
PLATPenn-Lehman Automated Trading Project (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
PLATPre-Launch Acceptance Test
PLATPower Line Analyzing Tool
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3- Le produit local : les ingredients de ces plats sont produits a moins de 200 Km.
Thick illustrates a greater degree of contingency than Harkness allowed as to just which works by Plat did and did not get into print and which were most successful.
GLO plat maps for each township in Florida were examined for types of open habitats.
Our task now is to put out the fires and reduce the gas concentration, and only after this is done will we send people to the area where the missing miners are believed to be," Mr Plat said.
Plat said when they were planning the new location, "We asked 'what do we stand for and what does ABC stand for?
Swedish steel group SSAB said on Friday (30 March) that its steel sheet products subsidiary Plannja AB has agreed to acquire sheet and ventilation supplier Steinwalls Plat AB for an undisclosed sum.
The use of best management practices (BMPs) such as buffers, ponds, water control structures and the presence of receiving slopes reduce PLAT particulate P loss.
The extent and location of prairies in this region and elsewhere in the state (excluding the Black Belt) was determined using plat maps from General Land Office surveys conducted in the 1830's.
An old gator is getting too old to catch his prey and the prey knows it, teasing him mercilessly for slowing down while he stares at a plat of aging veggies and longs for some real meat.
VirtualEdge connectivity panels are 'sturdy, versatile mechanical plat forms, used to terminate high-speed cabling applications in any combination of services, including10/100M Ethernet, Gigabite Ethernet, Fiber and Coax.
To plat works like "Five Improvisations for Mixed Vegetables," the nine-piece Austrian ensemble blows, bangs, shakes, peels, snaps, grates, and rubs its "instruments" in tandem.