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PLAWPeople, Land, and Water (International Development Research Centre program; Canada)
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Plaw makes a more comprehensive attempt to respond to Kasher and Yadlin's position based on the commonly accepted moral justifications for the principle of distinction.
Plaw said he does not agree with the practice of "signature strikes," during which drones carry out attacks based on "an observed pattern of life that suggests combatency.
Police closed off Plaw Hatch Close and erected a white tent outside the semi-detached house where the shooting took place.
is a high school history teacher, currently on sabbatical and Plaw, Ph.
As Avery Plaw, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts, observes, "The drone program compares favorably with similar operations and contemporary armed conflict more generally.
40) By meticulously studying their numbers, Plaw concludes the missile attacks have been "highly effective in eliminating enemy operations, including key leaders, particularly when these HVTs [high-value targets] are hidden in inaccessible and politically problematic locations like the FATA.
9) Avery Plaw, Matthew Fricker and Brian Glyn Williams, "New Light on the Accuracy of the CIA's Predator Drone Campaign in Pakistan," Terrorism Monitor 8:41 (2010).
Plaw argues for a Federal Counterterrorism Oversight Court (FCOC).
Two women, aged 23 and 53, were also hurt in the attack in Plaw Hatch Close, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.
Wellwishers left floral tributes outside the Cowells' house in Plaw Hatch Close, which has been cordoned off.
The pair were last seen making off from the scene at Plaw Hatch Close in a small red car.