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PLBPersonal Locator Beacon (see SARBE)
PLBPhospholamban (cardiac calcium regulation)
PLBProductivity Linked Bonus
PLBProcessor Local Bus (high-performance, on-chip bus)
PLBPursed Lip Breathing
PLBPipelined Burst
PLBFox Pro Library
PLBProcessor Local Bus
PLBPayload Bay
PLBProgrammable Logic Block (basic blocks of a field programmable gate array)
PLBPolabian (linguistics)
PLBPassenger Loading Bridge (airport)
PLBProfessional Licensing Board (various locations)
PLBPlattsburgh, NY, USA (Airport Code)
PLBProvider Level Adjustment (insurance)
PLBPower Line Broadband (FCC)
PLBPosterior Lateral Branch (cardiology)
PLBPurchase and Leaseback (transaction)
PLBPremier League Board (Ghana)
PLBParti Louvri Baryé (French: Open the Gate Party, Haiti)
PLBPrivacy and Legislation Branch (Office of the Government Chief Information Officer; Canada)
PLBPlanning and Lands Bureau (Hong Kong)
PLBPrivate Label Branch
PLBPipe Lay Barge
PLBPulse Length Limiting & Blanking
PLBPlanning and Landing Bureau (Hong Kong)
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And, for people buying gifts, PLB Sports' latest venture is sure to reach the niche market of those looking for WWE stuff for sale.
PLB has been a major influencer throughout the times, but the notion is its influence on Lithuanian politics has dwindled considerably recently with the old generation of Lithuanians dying out and with the modern IT technologies replacing the communication and decision-making process.
In its financial year ended 31 March 2016, Bibendum PLB is expected to generate unaudited revenue of GBP 270.
As shown in Table l, (17-19) both the PLB and LPL activities copurified through several purification steps to a single spot on disc electrophoresis and on SDS-PAGE stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue and Schiff's reagent.
The interaction between PLB and SERCA2a performs an important role in heart function.
PLB, he said, targets a minimum gross revenue of P10 billion to P15 billion a year.
Results of the environmental investigation demonstrated that PLB had aerated grapes fumigated with MeBr according to current USDA standards.
Second is a personal locator beacon, or PLB, which uses 406 MHz technology and can be purchased for lots less than an approved 406 ELT.