PLBWPreterm Low Birth Weight
PLBWPercent Less of Body Weight (pediatrics)
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IVY couture impressed the crowd with a beautifully staged show of their bridal collection at PLBW. Based in a vivid colour scheme the collection featured geometric shapes.
PLBW 2018 officially kicked off with haute couturier Nomi Ansari presenting his collection titled Maya(Illusion).
As Lahore is once again playing host to PLBW 2018, here's a lowdown of the design houses who will be exhibiting their collections at the upcoming three-day fashion extravaganza.
Out of 24 case-control studies conducted in different countries, 15 study reported positive association between PD and PTB or PLBW with Odds Ratio (OR) ranging from 1.77 to 10.2.
In the event of a positive association of periodontal infection with PLBW, this would have potential applications in preventive oral health programs as an integral component of prenatal care for pregnant mothers.
Fashion, style, beauty and trends integrate to create the perfect bridal look showcased through exclusive makeup looks created in collaboration with our PLBW 2015 stylists and designers.
PLBW has showcased over 40 bridal fashion and jewellery designers with shows styled by various makeup artists and stylists making the entire event one of the most anticipated of the year.
(4) In 2007, Schroeder-Drucks stated, "pregnant women with periodontal disease have more than seven times the risk of delivering PLBW infants." (5)
* One early study found pregnant women with periodontal disease were 7-8 times more likely to have a premature low-birth-weight (PLBW) baby than women who did not have periodontal disease (J.
* It was reported that prostaglandin [E.sub.2] was significantly higher in gingival sulcus fluid in 48 mothers of PLBW infants than in controls (Ann.
Offenbacher suggests that if periodontal disease were prevented, approximately 45,500 PLBW births could be eliminated each year, along with a concomitant decrease in annual intensive care unit costs of almost a billion dollars.[42] It is estimated that over one billion dollars is spent annually to provide the comprehensive health care necessary for children with craniofacial birth defects to pursue productive lives.[27] It also is possible that slower brain development and overall developmental destabilization with oral ramifications may threaten a child's capacity for self-care.