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The ruling brings "increased cause for concern among firearms manufacturers, who are long believed to have been shielded from such litigation since 2005," when Congress passed the PLCAA, said Rommel Dionisio, an analyst at Aegis Capital Corp.
to the gun industry in a way similar to the PLCAA or prohibit cities or
The court found that, because Congress had expressly and unambiguously exercised its constitutionally delegated authority to preempt state law negligence actions against sellers of firearms, the PLCAA clearly preempted state law on point; thus, the PLCAA's exception for negligent entrustment actions applied.
Tiahrt Amendment because it is redundant of the PLCAA and because the
The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) limits the types of civil actions that can be brought against firearm manufacturers.
Associated Landscape Contractor of America (ALCA), the Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA) and the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS), 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, NE, Suite C-135, Marietta, GA 30068.
"I do not have to tell you that the Green Industry and particularly the lawn care sector is under attack here in the United States and in Canada because of misinformation propagated by zealous activists," government affairs specialist Thomas Delaney told the board of the U.S.-based Professional Lawn Care Association (PLCAA).
Reps from several groups--USGA, GCSAA, NTEP, PLCAA, Irrigation Assoc., seed industry, and university reps are working with ARS in developing this plan.
The Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA) advises homeowners to use common sense when caring for their lawn.
The PLCAA [Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act] is secure for now, and with more time, it will become the 'law of the land.'"