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PLCCPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLCCPrivate Label Credit Card
PLCCPower Line Carrier Communication
PLCCPlastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLCCPurple Line Corridor Coalition (transit: Maryland)
PLCCPersonal Liability Clearance Card (Canadian Forces)
PLCCProvisioning List Category Code
PLCCPropulsion Local Control Console
PLCCPrimary Launch Control Center
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The PLCC, which comprises nearly 40 public and private stakeholders, including CASA deMarylandand Enterprise Community Partners, will serve as the lead on the project.
In addition, since the performance of the proposed training-based method slightly varies during each time of experiments, a t-test with significant level at 10% is carried out on PLCC and SROCC to show whether a performance disparity is significant; the results are shown in Table 6, where 0 denotes there is no significance difference between the comparing method and the proposed one and 1 or -1 represents a significant superiority or inferiority of the proposed method.
The model used in this simulation consists of a wind tunnel which encompasses the whole computational domain with a motherboard and 2 PLCC. The plan view of the simulation setup for 2 PLCC packages are shown in Figure 1.
The PLCC, however, supports legislation that would initiate significant alterations in current laws.
From 1974 to 1988, reports the PLCC, the number of suits grew at an annual rate of 983%.
The arrangement of the apparatus has been developed to measure the temperature distribution in each PLCC for the three types of layout brackets to PLCC packages for 4 PLCCs.
Osaka, Mar 12, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - HuMANDATA LTD., a manufacturer of various FPGA/CPLD boards in Japan, today released AP68-04, a new stamp size PLCC FPGA module powered by Altera Corp.'s Cyclone III FPGA (EP3C25U256C8N).
Coming in a desktop case with separate interchangeable PCBs for accepting the ICs under test, ABI Electronics' SENTRY counterfeit IC detector tests integrated circuits in DIL, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, and BGA packaging.
"Our next-generation LS-4000 sorters increase handling and distribution efficiencies, whilst decreasing product life cycle ownership costs (PLCC) without the need for expensive expansion of warehouse and distribution space or greenfeld site construction."
An RoHS-compliant version of the company's 20-pin PLCC IC to 16-pin DIP Correct-A-Chip [TM] adapter is available.
Handles such packages as MSOP, SOIC, PLCC, SSOP and TSSOP.