PLCFPharma Licensing Club France
PLCFPass Love Charity Foundation (China)
PLCFPhotonic Liquid Crystal Fiber (physics)
PLCFPath Length Correction Factor (opacity monitors)
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Later, the PLCF planted olive saplings in Rahim Yar Khan Town Hall.
PLCF is evaluated for all packets queued in buffers reserved to each vehicle access category (cf.
PLV = PLCF ([S.sub.i], [D.sub.i], [P.sub.i], [LQ.sub.i], [WT.sub.i]).
PLV = PLCF ([w.sub.s][S.sub.i], [w.sub.d][D.sub.i], [w.sub.lq] [LQ.sub.i] [w.sub.wt] [WT.sub.i]), (15)
PLCF chairman Mian M Sharif Rashid said that the people of Sadiqabad were proud of him as he had work tirelessly along his team for providing protection to the locals' lives and properties.
She added that the school needed 18 classrooms to accommodate them, expressing her optimism that the PLCF would cooperate with the school management for construction of three classrooms.
On the occasion, PLCF chairman Mian Sharif Rashid said that the organisation was involved in numerous public welfare projects.
He apprised the PLCF chairman of police efforts for the apprehension of an inter-provincial dacoit gang and recovery of booty and other valuables from the possession of dacoits.
PLCF chairman Mian Sharif lauded the services of policemen for the maintenance of peace in society.
PUBLIC SERVICES CLAIMED: The Pakistan Life Care Foundation (PLCF) has been playing a significant role in serving the deprived segments of society.
The ceremony was held at Govt Model High School under the auspices of the PLCF. Arshad Khan Leghari showered PLCF Mian Sharif Rashid with praise for serving the masses.
Shaukat also assured Sharif of financial assistance to the PLCF for its future welfare projects.