PLCFSPreemptive Last Come First Served (system)
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1, lower part), starch grains are present in almost all sieve-element plastids, either exclusively (form Ss) or, equally often, together with polygonal crystals (form P1 cs) and, less frequently, with protein crystals and filaments (form Plcfs).
In angiosperms (for gymnosperms, see Behnke, 1974), P-type plastids first appear in eumagnoliids (Winterales, Piperales, Magnoliales, Laurales), where, with the exception of Himantandraceae, Lactoridaceae, Piperaceae, and Saururacene, one or several different forms (Plc, Pics, Plcfs, Plfs) are found in at least some species (Behnke, 1988).
6) or form Plcfs plastids are most common, whereas in Thottea, S-type plastids prevail.