PLCMPrivate Long Code Mask (telecommunications)
PLCMpublic long code mask
PLCMPermitted Lane Closure Map (transportation)
PLCMPennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities
PLCMPolycom, Inc. (stock symbol)
PLCMProduct Life-Cycle Management
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The information is then entered in a series of categories within PLCM database software that describe the roadway, detail its condition, and include related factors such as surrounding assets and drainage status.
Once all the data are collected, the PLCM software produces a series of ratings based on information gathered, historical data already entered, and information about surrounding conditions.
Ultimately, the PLCM process becomes a method for not only managing roadway surfaces, but an effective method for maximizing the capital investment represented in the entire roadway system.
Since its inception in 1997, the primary objective of the PLCM MUA Program has been to help local governments navigate their way through the complexities of electric restructuring while educating their members on the current state of the energy market.
Any Pennsylvania municipality is eligible to participate in this cost saving program, and if interested should contact the PLCM at 717-236-9469 as quickly as possible due to the volatility of the market.