PLDAPrivate Loop Direct Attach
PLDAProfessional Lighting Designer's Association (various locations)
PLDAPlanning Data
PLDAPiecewise Linear Discriminant Analysis
PLDAProfessional Layout Digital Assistant (Adobe Acrobat plug-in)
PLDAPeripheral Low-Density Area
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PLDA's PCIe 5.0 Controller IP was selected not only for its solid design and unmatched compatibility with popular PCIe PHYs, but also for PLDA's best-in-class tech support, its ease of customization and PLDA's integration expertise.
PLDA's silicon-proven PCIe IP provides a risk- free interface solution, giving customers peace of mind and a significant time-to-market advantage.
In order to meet these needs, PLDA has developed a high-performance DMA Engine available in two versions: As a standalone vDMA engine IP with AMBA-AXI interconnect or as a PCIe 5.0 IP controller with integrated vDMA engine.
PLDA's Switch Platform with multiple downstream ports is ideally suited for:
EpoStar selected PLDA's PCIe XpressRICH3-AXI IP controller for its ability to provide the high throughput and data integrity features mandatory for storage applications.
To support their solution set, PLDA has created a short video presentation outlining the steps designers can take today to bring their PCIe 4.0 products to completion.
QuickPlay is a PLDA GROUP brand that aims to accelerate the adoption of FPGA-based reconfigurable hardware in IT infrastructures by opening up FPGA design to non-hardware experts.
11 February 2015 - French technology company ReFLEX CES has added the hardware businesses of its sister companies in the PLDA Group, PLDA and Accelize, the company said on Wednesday.
Her encounters with Swedes Joran Linder and Eric Olsson, Brits Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton during a PLDA workshop in Liverpool in 2007, and with Italian Elettra Bordonaro in a 2008 workshop in Copenhagen ultimately led to a 2010 meeting during which the founding team articulated SLM's title, vision and mission.
Representative algorithms include Pseudo-inverse Linear Discriminant Analysis (PLDA) [3], regular Linear Discriminant Analysis (RLDA) [4], Penalized Discriminant Analysis (PDA) [5], LDA/GSVD [6], LDA/ QR [7], Orthogonal Linear Discriminant Analysis (OLDA) [8], Null Space Linear Discriminant Analysis (NLDA) [9], Direct Linear Discriminant Analysis (DLDA) [10], Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis(NDA) [11], Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis (LFDA) [12], Multi-label Linear Discriminant Analysis (MLDA) [13] and Local Linear Discriminant Analysis (LLDA) [14].
Light Insight Arabia which is being organised in association with the Professional Lighting Designers' Association, Germany (PLDA) and is supported by Osram, Zumtobel and Schr'der Gulf LLC, will take place on Day Two, Tuesday, September, 13th.