PLDMPartidul Liberal Democrat din Moldova (Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova)
PLDMPower Line Disturbance Monitor
PLDMPublic Library of des Moines
PLDMPercentage of Liver Dry Matter (poultry science)
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The productivity of leaf blade dry matter (PLDM) was similar in systems with integrated and monoculture piata grass, respectively with 1,093 kg [ha.sup.-1] and 1,308 kg [ha.sup.-1].
Regardless of the production system (Table 4), cutting age affected dossel coverage, soil coverage, productivity of green dry matter (PGDM), productivity of leaf blade dry mass (PLDM) and in vitro digestibility of organic matter (IVDOM).
This was directly affected by PLDM. Since soil coverage was greater on the 70th day after seeding (56.33%), it may be inferred that hay on the ground was decomposing during the days under evaluation, or rather, it covered only 19.58% of the soil on the 110th day after seeding.
Highest productivity in terms of PGDM and PLDM occurred respectively at 70 and 110 days after seeding.
Dossel coverage, productivity of green dry matter (PGDM), productivity of leaf blade dry matter (PLDM), rates of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and in vitro digestibility of organic matter (IVDOM), according to cropping system.
Within the past year, PLDM engaged in a long-term planning process that set forth several strategic directions.
This is the motivation that led to the implementation of a new local area network for PLDM. This LAN is the first step in an overall technology plan that includes constructing a wide area network, implementing a new library automation system, gaining high-speed direct access to the Internet, and accessing online databases.
PLDM has depended on a mainframe-based Ameritech NOTIS library system since the mid-1980s for virtually all of its information technology needs.
Since the Central Library also houses the administrative staff for the entire PLDM system, many of these connections are designated for administrative use.
We continue to praise both PPDA leader Andrei NASTASE, for withdrawing from the presidential contest, and our member party, PLDM, for showing continuous support for Maia Sandu.
I send my best wishes to Maia Sandu in this election campaign and I hope now more than ever that PLDM, PAS, and PPDA will unite their forces to win the next presidential elections.
To this extent, the EPP fully supports PLDMs continuous efforts to identify and support a common candidate of the pro-European, centre-right forces, as it is only by being united that we can win.