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PLEBSProduktives Lernen an Berliner Schulen (German: Productive Learning at Berlin Scools)
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Whether Mitchell will continue to be Chief Whip doesn't concern us plebs.
Moreover, all 73 PLEBs in the region have undergone the Capacity Enhancement Orientations in their respective provinces.
To get your fill of noise and petrol fumes it'll have to be the "Star City Circuit" for us plebs in the Second City, as was the case with the new National Stadium and our Olympic bids which, surprise surprise, both finished up in London.
They must be beside themselves with rage by now - how dare the plebs defy them, our social and moral betters, up on their moral high horses?
IT was all very well talking bullshit about 1916 and for The Establishment luvvies to dress up in silly clothes but giving the plebs a day off each year to mark the event is a step too far.
The 74-year-old actress is back on TV screens in comedy Plebs on ITV2.
Michelle Keegan (pictured) makes a guest appearance in ITV2's Plebs.
Scots actress Doon Mackichan is back in a third series of Plebs, running out at the same time as her return in BBC Scotland comedy Two Doors Down.
This month she joins the Plebs cast, as Vestal Virgin Ursula, and Keegan couldn't be more excited.
Ms A is at Blenheim Palace trying her hand at crafts, and while the rest of us plebs shudder at the thought of those Ikea queues, she's off to Norway for Xmas.