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PLECPacket-based Local Exchange Carrier
PLECPeople, Land Management and Environmental Change
PLECPeople, Land Management and Ecosystem Conservation
PLECPower Line Environment Committee (Australia)
PLECPatent Licensing and Enforcement Company
PLECPegylated Liposome Encapsulated Cisplatin (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
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W niniejszym badaniu wzieto pod uwage cechy osoby (wiek, plec biologiczna, plec psychologiczna) oraz wlasciwosci pracy (stanowisko kierownicze i wieloprace).
Plec and her team have separated two of the main characters from the rest of the cast (for now) by having them trapped in a purgatory-like world.
But Plec hinted that they had planned to go with a relative unknown for the role all along.
The vampire plec is called Mr Crepsley, named after a vampire from the Darren Shan book series.
Showrunner Julie Plec revealed that Josie will be a big focus in this episode.
The projects include Peshawar Light Engineering Centre (PLEC), Light Engineering Upgradation Centre for SMEs in Balochistan (LEUC) and supporting TVET Sector in Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and successfully trained 12000 men and women under this initiative where more than 150 private sector institutes were engaged for trainings.
Among the most common fish to end up homeless are pacu, piranha and the common plec. Blue Reef's Anna Etchells said: "Home aquariums provide hours of fun and enjoyment but the more you understand the creatures you are keeping, their needs and habits the more you will be able to get out of them."
The government released Rs11.480 million for Peshawar Light Engineering Centre (PLEC) Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa out of its total allocation of Rs11.480 million whereas an amount of Rs9.350 million have been released for Hyderabad Engineering Support Centre (HESC) Hyderabad Sindh out of its total allocations of Rs30.896 million.
This Thursday, however, there will be no rerun of "Legacies." Instead, the pilot of "( Roswell ," directed by "Legacies" showrunner Julie Plec, will have an encore. 
Under the developmental program, government has also released Rs.10 million for the project of Peshawar Light Engineering Centre (PLEC) against the total allocation of Rs.