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PLEFPosterior Lumbar Epidural Fat
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of patients Percentage (%) Hilar adenopathy 21 32.31% Mediastinal lymphadenopathy 14 21.54% Rib erosion 5 7.69% Lymphangitis carcinomatosis 4 6.15% Cavitating Mass 3 4.62% PLEF 15 23.07% Table 5: based on tumor location and size: Location Number of patients and percentage Size of tumor Peripheral 17 (26.9%) 132mm Central 11 (16%) 112mm Mediastinal 5 (7.6%) 28mm Intermediate 9 (13.8%) 25mm Table 6: Distribution of Metastasis--location wise No.
Officially launched on Thursday, the Pastoralist Livelihoods and Education Field Schools (PLEFS) and the Pastoralist Education Program Strategy Framework will reportedly offer active and constructivist approach tailored to meet the needs of adults, youth and children in pastoralists' communities.
Serge Tissot, the FAO Representative in South Sudan, said PLEFS, the first of its kind in South Sudan, will provide pastoralists with sustainable and high-quality learning opportunities as they move.