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Gladius and statolith as tools for age and growth studies of the squid Loligo plei (Teuthida: Loliginidae) off Southern Brazil.
plei surge hace unos 17 Ma (27-8) en el Atlantico occidental (Fig.
To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, several dynamic cases are analyzed based on the transient stability to compare the suitable location (the line between buses PLei and CB) and other feasible ones (as shown in Table 4).
There were also behavioral studies of Doryteuthis plei (Blainville, 1823) in captivity in the North Atlantic (Hanlon, 1982; Hanlon et al., 1983) and in the wild, i.e., from a research submersible during night dives (Waller and Wicklund, 1968).
of occurrence (m) Loligo pealeii, 2,872 73,028 78.9 30-563/150 longfin squid Illex coindetti, 852 5,881 13.9 128-563/297 southern shortfin squid Loligo plei, arrow 105 7,826 8.3 39-213/98 squid Octopus vulagris, 13 85 5.1 39-189/116 common octopus Amusium papyraceum, 5 459 5.0 55-132/89 paper scallop Tonna galea, giant 5 16 0.9 130-176/151 tun Pholidoteuthis 4 14 0.5 373-563/480 adami, pink scaled squid Abralia redfieldi 2 995 7.3 69-516/246 (no common name) Illex oxygonius, 2 10 0.4 172-444/270 sharptail shortfin squid Semirossia equalis, 2 574 11.5 59-436/153 greater shining bobtail Temp.
PLEI organizations (Department of Justice Canada) plei-pvij.html#org
The evolution of sexual size dimorphism in the teiid lizard Ameiva plei: a test of alternative hypotheses.
The remaining Task Force 38 pilot and the Navy's ten-man PBM crew hiding near Plei Ku were betrayed to the Japanese for a reward by a Moi soldier.
229th Assault Helicopter Bn., that lifted troops on a search-and-destroy mission from Plei Me to LZ X-Ray.
(25) A description of fashionably dressed gallants as being "degised as turmentours that comen from clerkes plei," for example, seems to be a simile drawn from a spectacle that is on the cusp between the two.
On 1 November, as lead elements of the 66th Regiment crossed into South Vietnam using trails that followed the Ia Drang, the 1st Cavalry Division's cavalry squadron captured the North Vietnamese 33d Regiment's field hospital 8 miles west of Plei Me.