PLEMPerl Loadable Exploiting Module (programming)
PLEMPipe Line End Manifold
PLEMPartition Ligation Expectation Maximization
PLEMProvinciale Limburgse Electriciteits Maatschappij (The Netherlands)
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The project included modification of the PLEM to allow disconnection of submarine hoses and installation of the launching spool without impacting the subsea environment.
The bypass approach involved creating an alternative export pipeline network that began at a platform bypassing the gas PLEM, which enabled gas to flow to a subsea isolation valve (SSIV) before connecting with the 32-inch export sealine to an onshore gas plant.
InterMoors work scope includes the installation of two floating hoses, an umbilical, two mooring hawsers, the PLEM, and the hook-up of the SPM to the pre-installed mooring system.
Stolt installed the PLEM handling frame on the Seaway Falcon's port side to facilitate manual welding the PLEMS to each end of the flowline, which Stolt lifted from the seabed floor to secure the pipe in the frame.
The new methanol loading system includes a 24-inch concrete coated subsea pipeline, gravity based PLEM, subsea valves and dual 12-inch submarine loading hoses.
Wax removed by pigging is deposited in a receiver chamber at the PLEM.
When the OHI 423 finished its pipelay work it installed a PLEM and associated SPM.
This contract, financial details of which were not available, includes engineering, procurement and installation of the pipelines, spools, riser bases and PLEMs (pipeline end modules) as well as rock installation and commissioning scope.
They have prepared this book for aspiring subsea engineers, a discipline described in the preface as involving the "design, analysis, construction, installation and integrity management of subsea wellheads, trees, manifolds, jumpers PLETS and PLEMs.
This contract covers project management and engineering; design, fabrication, and installation of two PLEMs and four PLETs; installation of flowline, jumpers and associated terminations and hardware; installation of one free issued dynamic umbilical with SUTA and flying leads and pre-commissioning of the flowline and umbilical gas lift system.
Comprised of a jacket, float-over topsides, pipelines, umbilicals, PLEMS and living quarters for 66 people, the Su Tu Vang Central Processing Platform (CPP) is a fully integrated EPCI project.