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PLESPipeline End Structure (energy production)
PLESProfessional Locum and Employment Services (Hampton, Victoria, Australia)
PLESProfessional Law Enforcement Seminars
PLESParallel-Line Equal-Space
PLESPaul Lewin Electrical Services (UK)
PLESPipeline End Sled (subsea pipelines)
PLESPosterior Lumbar Epidural Space
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IF YOU HAVE lived in cities and have walked in the park on a summer afternoon, you have perhaps seen, blinking in a corner of his iron cage, a huge, grotesque kind of monkey, a creature with ugly, sag- ging, hairless skin below his eyes and a bright pur- ple underbody.
He was going from house to house, warning peo- ple to leave.
0-based PLEs, that is, personal learning environments built using services and applications that follow the Web 2.
At this time, the SUs can estimate PLEs amongst themselves and their neighbors through the reporting process.
Esa Red Personal de Aprendizaje (PLN o PKN) consiste en la suma de conexiones con los PLEs de otras personas (sus herramientas y estrategias de lectura, reflexion y relacion), que constituye ecologias de conocimiento (Chatti & al.
LSS Life Safety Services' technicians have been certified to install PLES systems by Balco, one of the top manufacturer's for photoluminescent aisle markers, exit signs, and photoluminescent egress marking systems.
Besides asking how effective our own PLEs are in helping us manage our own learning environment, we can put out a few indicators of success for those we teach.
Because the CNOL exceeded the aggregate PLEs of its member companies each tax year, the taxpayer treated the total PLEs as a consolidated PLL subject to the 10-year carryback.
United Dominion was the parent of a consolidated group and reported CNOLs in excess of aggregate PLEs for the years 1983 through 1986.
Ples Felix, who at 46 was the same age as Azim, admits he felt some nervousness and trepidation about the encounter, but "when I looked into his eyes, I saw a man filled with the spirit of God.
Torres Kompen, the expert interviewed for this article, has been an invaluable member of an active community of enthusiastic researchers exploring PLEs and their impact on how we define the learning landscape.
Based on the results obtained in step (II), the Server can obtain the PLE between such two beacon nodes and average the two PLEs.