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PLFProjet de Loi de Finances (French: Project Finance Law)
PLFPrincipal Limit Factor (mortgages)
PLFPenguin Liberation Front
PLFPacific Legal Foundation
PLFPerdana Leadership Foundation (Malaysia)
PLFPremium Large Format (screens)
PLFPretty Little Flower (band)
PLFPower Line Filter
PLFPalestine Liberation Front (terrorist group)
PLFPlant Load Factor
PLFPassenger Load Factor
PLFPer Lineal Foot (measurement)
PLFParachute Landing Fall
PLFPounds per Lineal Foot (stuctural engineering)
PLFPoor Little Fellow
PLFPayload Fairing (NASA)
PLFPrivate Label Fund (finance)
PLFPerilymphatic Fistula
PLFPublic Library Foundation
PLFParticipating Law Firms (LexUniversal)
PLFPosterior Lumbar Fusion (spine surgery)
PLFPre Fader Listening (audio technology)
PLFProjectile-Like Fragment
PLFPolarization Loss Factor (antennas)
PLFPoints of Light Foundation
PLFParty Liberation Front
PLFProgram Logic Formulation (software verification)
PLFPublic Land Foundation
PLFPathetic Little Freak
PLFPrior Level of Function
PLFPredictive Likelihood Function
PLFPractice Launch Failure (sailplane)
PLFPokelight Forums (online Pokémon community)
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The acquisition of PLF adds annual revenue of approximately USD 25m.
Product Manager - CGI & Chair PLF and Seema Joshi DGM Innovation - Vodafone & Chair PLF-Pune, is closely involved in ensuring the forum is tailored perfectly to have the best panellists, best sessions and the best audience.
Other Kazakh banks with NPL ratios above 10% are either small or hold mostly non-performing consumer finance portfolios that might not be eligible for purchases by the PLF.
Given the chronic coal shortage especially for plants commissioned after 2009, the PLF would remain depressed.
Primers and cycle conditions of semi-nested PCR for amplification of the small subunit of the human ribosomal gene (Human ssrDNA) and the small subunit of the Plasmodium ribosomal gene (Plasmodium ssrDNA) Primers Cycle conditions Nest 1: UNR-PLF (Plasmodium ssrDNA) 94[degrees]C/45 sec: PLF (5'-AGTGTGTATCAATCGAGTTT-3') 62[degrees]C/45 sec: UNR (5'-GACGGTATCTGATCGTCTT-3') 72[degrees]C/60 sec (40 cycles) Nest 1: UNR-HUF (Human ssrDNA) HUF (5'-GAGCCGCCTGGATACCG-3') UNR (5'-GACGGTATCTGATCGTCTT-3') Nest 2: PLF-MAR (P.
He said PLF Central Secretary General Ilyas Khan had issued a suspension notification for the removal of both the officeholders with immediate effect, adding that a notification appointing him as the acting president of the PLF Punjab and Aleem Abbasi as the acting general secretary had also been issued.
As both a former attorney with PLF and a colleague of Mr.
It is to be mentioned that PLF delegation participated in the procedures of Arab Parties 5th Conference and the work committees.
He joins PLF from his current role as Sales and Marketing Director for GEA ALBRO.
But the entire PLF programme has been effectively stalled because of the recession and the ever-tightening squeeze on capital spending in Northumberland.
With respect to PLF, we found that the presence or absence of the "typical history" of PLF (i.
The radical programme was given the goahead by the old council in June 2004 although 35,000 people in Northumberland signed petitions organised by parents' groups against PLF proposals, which involved axing 44 middle schools.