PLGNPlan Loire Grandeur Nature (Loire River in France)
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Apart from the L/M and S/L+M opponent cells, 'magenta/green' and 'cyan/red' opponent cells have also been identified in the PLGN (Gouras |1984~).
In its most extreme form (Shapley |1990~), it is argued that achromatic vision can be identified with the M pathway (via the MLGN) and chromatic vision with the P pathway (via the PLGN), but this seems highly implausible:
(a) The MLGN is much smaller than the PLGN. Perhaps it is the case that motion is processed primarily via the MLGN (|LD380~, Merigan |1989~), but then the PLGN does not only process colour, but also texture, fine pattern and fine stereoscopy, i.e.