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PLIFPosterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
PLIFParking Lot Is Full (online comic)
PLIFPlanar Laser Induced Fluorescence
PLIFPooled Life Income Fund (charitable gifts)
PLIFPicosecond Laser Induced Fluorescence
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We are working on identifying suitable fuel tracers that have low oxygen quenching sensitivity, which can be used for PLIF imaging experiments.
Appendix Abbreviation Abbreviation Meaning ALIF Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion BMP Bone Morphogenetic Protein CPT Current Procedural Terminology CVA Cerebrovascular Accident EBL Estimated Blood Loss FDA Food and Drug Administration IBM International Business Machines ICBG Iliac Crest Bone Graft IRB Institutional Review Board MI-TLIF Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion PLIF Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion rhBMP-2 recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences TLIF Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion YODA Yale University Open Data Access
We also found that even with laminectomy and decompression in TLIF we were able to place the cages without compression on dura and nerve roots as compared to PLIF which is usually the procedure used for fusion when decompression is required for stenosis.
Results of clinical trials suggest that the use at PLIF cages having described above parameters is justified from many points of view and contributes to reliable stabilization of damaged spine areas.
lat 4 7 no DIAM L3L4,L4L5 y L5S1 8 1 5 6 no DIAM L4L5 y L5S1 12 2 6 8 si Disectomia L5-S1, 14 3 DIAM L4L5 y L5S1 7 8 si Disectomia L4-L5, 12 3 DIAM L3L4y L4L5 8 7 si Disectomia L4-L5, 10 2 DIAM L4-L5 y L5-S1 9 7 si Disectomia L3-L4, 10 0 DIAM L3-L4 y L4-L5 10 6 si Disectomia L5-S1, DIAM L5-S1 12 2 11 8 si Disectomia L5-S1, DIAM L5-S1 16 2 12 7 si Disectomia L4L5 y DIAM L4-L5 y L5-S1 20 2 13 8 no PLIF Lumbosacro + DIAM L4-L5 28 3 14 6 no Fijacion L5-S1, DIAM L4-L5 22 2 15 8 no Foraminotomia, DIAM L4-L5 28 3 16 6 no Foraminotomia.
New developments in instrumentation have contributed to improved technical applications and outcomes of the PLIF procedure (Sears, 2002).
These images can be created by directly detecting the species of interest using the same PLIF technique implemented for acetone.
Following the US FDA approval, the company will introduce COALESCE for TLIF and PLIF procedures in multiple footprint, height and lordotic angle configurations later this year.
Eminent Spine's thoracolumbar platform consist of: the Cottonmouth[R] ALIF PEEK cage, the Fang Plate[R], the Red Diamondback Rattlesnake[TM] anterior lumbar plate, the Diamondback[R] pedicle screw, the Boa Constrictor[R] cross link connector, the Texas Python[R] PLIF PEEK cage, and the Texas Sidewinder[R] TLIF PEEK cage.
Haid and colleagues performed single-level PLIF on 67 patients with degenerative disc disease.