PLMRprivate land mobile radio
PLMRPublic Land Mobile Radio
PLMRPacific Land Mobile Radio (US Army)
PLMRPolarimetric L-band Multibeam Radiometer
PLMRProbabilistic-Logical Models Repository
PLMRProtected Living Marine Resources
PLMRpulse light-source and modulated receiver
PLMRPolitical Lobbying and Media Relations (UK based lobbying and PR company)
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improvements in spectral efficiency by ordering a migration of PLMR
After the PLMR narrowbanding order in 2004, several
PLMR services to free up spectrum involved a decade-long transition
decisions, especially those concerning PLMR services, MedRadio, and
PLMR's founder and managing director Kevin Craig is from a big Irish family, many of whom are Reds fans.
Section 403 defines PLMR's as "1) nontarget fish, sea turtles, or marine mammals that are protected under U.S.
2) List nations that have been identified for having vessels engaged in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing or bycatch of PLMR's, respectively;
5) Discuss efforts by the Secretary to encourage the adoption of international measures comparable to those of the United States to reduce impacts of fishing and other practices on PLMR's.
NLC also advised cities to remind private license holders of the risk to their PLMR licenses, especially hospitals and major construction firms that cities might call upon in emergencies.
Ms Grender, a former Lib Dem spin doctor, worked for LLM Communications and public affairs firm PLMR, and is now a major player in Whitehall.
* Palomar Holdings (NASDAQ: PLMR) shares broke to a new 52-week high of $34.94 on Thursday.
(NASDAQ: PLMR) climbed 15.1% to close at $34.33 following Q2 results.