PLNBParty Like Never Before (music)
PLNBPercutaneous Lymph Node Biopsy
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In this regard, several studies have been done to reach to a sensible rationale of performing a PLNB. Many studies have tried developing a diagnostic algorithm with biopsy as the ultimate and last option, in order to avoid unnecessary biopsies especially when the yield of cancer has been reported to be fairly low [12].
The yield of pathologically significant findings in our study was found to be much more when PLNB was performed in adult patients as compared to children (p < 0.001).
While in the developed world, the practice has been to limit such biopsies much supported by the use of high-frequency USG (which can itself suggest diagnosis in expert hands) combined with FNAC and PLNB, which somehow seems to be imperative and unavoidable at various clinical situations in our setup [9-11].
However, PLNB needs to be considered with caution in children in whom the likelihood of a pathologically significant yield seems less likely.
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