PLNSPlains (street suffix)
PLNSPost-Launch Notification System
PLNSPatient Learning Needs Scale
PLNSPsychiatric Liaison Nurse Specialist
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Advancing individuals -- Lopez (Argo) 17:14; Martin (PlnS) 18:20; McClorey (Mar) 18:41; Gonzalez (Mort) 18:42; Jeffries (Sand) 18:44; Durkin (Fenw) 18:46; O'Brien (Fenw) 18:52.
The PerfectLight #North (PLN) JV enjoys numerous benefits;
Because Twitter allows candidates to interact with a variety of education stakeholders (Carpenter, 2015), novices can benefit from collective mentoring through their PLNs. Such interactions cannot replace the more intensive and personal support candidates receive from mentors in their field placements, but they do broaden their access to resources, ideas, and perspectives.
CREB deletion in [CD11c.sup.+] cells did not alter the percentages of [CD11c.sup.+] cells within thymus, BM, spleen, or pLNs (Figure 1(a)).
By adopting the "Don't Care" state, the meaning of the output 0 has been changed in PLNs. It means that the state of 0 has two meanings in the PLN concept.
We refer to these groups as personal learning network (PLN) clusters.
Results: The evaluation of responses to the PLNS and its subscales revealed that the mean scores were 26.9310.62 for drugs; 26.1511.43 for activities of living; 19.785.54 for community and follow up; 16.86 5.47 for feelings related to condition; 34.36.99 for treatment and complications; 28.207.40 for enhancing quality of life; and 13.646.54 for skin care.
By contrast, the PLNs leaders have become increasingly professionalized, but without the tempering influence of effective civilian control, which might well collapse entirely if China's leaders continue to accept unauthorized military actions, particularly in the East or South China Sea, as faits accomplis.
The PLNs culture, like that of its civilian leadership, was overwhelmingly ground-centric, informed by experiences in the Chinese civil war and the Korean War.
Memorandum of Understanding on Notifications of Missile Launches (PLNS MOU).