PLOEPropulsion Local Operating Equipment (US Navy)
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Die voor-die-hand-liggende afleiding wat gemaak kan word uit om met "ander se kalwers te ploe", is dat taal reeds daar is voor die digter dit gebruik, en dit dan altyd iemand anders se taal is, en in hierdie sin bly taal 'n spieel van die ander wat gebruik moet word deur die reele digter om uitdrukking te gee aan homself.
Tenders are invited for Work Of Replacing Old And Damage Xlpe With New 3X185 Xlpe Cable Double Ploe To Another Doble Pole Of Bajariya Feeder No.2 Railway Crossing And Filling Work Of Cable Box Indoor And Outdoor Under Edd Mahoba
v ploe 105,95 x 55,2 m, kter je zasypan zeminou a zatravnena.
Block 7, Section 80 o ploe 3 510 m, na adrese 3 Beale Crescent, Deakin, Canberra, ACT 2600, Austrlie.
Tenders are invited for Tenders Are Invited For The Stores: Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (Mccb) 3 Ploe 250/400/630 Amp,36 Ka 415 Volts Schneider Compact Nsx Type Lv431630/Lv432676/Lv432876 (03 Items)
Tenders are invited for Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (Mccb) 3 Ploe 250/400/630 Amp.36 Ka 415 Volts Schneider Compact Nsx Type -Lv431630/Lv432676/Lv432876
Tenders are invited for Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 3 Ploe Power Manual Motor Starter With Rotary Knob Control Protction Against Overload Short Circuit And Phase Failure .
Tenders are invited for 3 Ploe Power Contactor , 12 Amps 5.5 Kw Cap.
Alluminium Wire to the pole / in the existing trench / to the ploe with existing clamps / through GI pipe etc., as directed by engineer in charge including all labour material tools & tackles.
Tenders are invited for Power Contactor Coil , 230 Volts, Ac Suitable For Ek 150, 4 Ploe Contactor Of Abb Model Cat No.Kh 210.