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PLOWPublic Library on Wheels (Ontario, Canada)
PLOWPunk Ladies of Wrestling
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The moldboard and share swivel beneath the plow on their long axis and are held in either right or left position by a spring-loaded latch.
I have watched the plows come down the street one behind the other, none pushing to the curb.
Developed by the Army's Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), the snow plow kits were designed for use on all HWWMVs except those equipped with a winch.
The Bi-Directional Ballast Plow harnesses hydraulic power guided by fully integrated controls.
I added a front hitch ($200) to my truck, but have also used the plow on back.
"BPL3 is unlike ally previous backfill plow. Aimed at reducing the risk of damage to the trenched pipeline, it offers front skids that run outside the trench.
President Nelson LeCount says, "We have about 35 acres to plow here on the Marcell Cooreman farm.
2 : to move through or continue with force or determination <Our ship plowed through the waves.> <She plowed ahead with the planning.>
Developed as a result of requests from its customer base for a dedicated plow with an operator's seat, Ditch Witch produces the 420sx at its Perry, Okla., headquarters where production began in November.
The plow is the image of human and animal labor, of productivity, nourishment, and social standing, for the farmer is one without whose efforts the rest of us would die.
"In some cases a farmer would plow up his field rather than be embarrassed.