PLRAPartido Liberal Radical Autentico (Paraguay)
PLRAPrison Litigation Reform Act of 1995
PLRAPast Life Regression Academy (various locations)
PLRAPayday Loan Reform Act (Illinois)
PLRAPhilippine Leisure and Retirement Authority
PLRAPontiac Lake Recreation Area (Oakland County, MI)
PLRAPublic Labor Relations Act (Illinois)
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Sources within the PLRA said, "Negligence and incompetence within our management are rampant.
The provincial minister for law and parliamentary affairs, minister for revenue, Punjab chief secretary, BoR senior member, secretary finance, secretary Planning and Development and the director general of PLRA have been nominated as members of the committee.
There is no chance of tampering with the data as PLRA has a software, which can detect any changes in data,' the official said.
Initially started as the Land Record Management Information System in 2007, the authority was converted to PLRA in 2017.
She issued these orders during a meeting with Ms Ayesha Hameed, Director General, Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA), who called on her on Saturday.
Eyal's argument undermines only a rather implausible version of PLRA. But there are reasons for rejecting the mainstream version of this principle that I sketch in this commentary.
Consequently, one prisoner challenged "the 6th Circuit's heightened pleading requirement and total exhaustion rule [as] contraven[ing] the clear language of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the PLRA." The other two prisoners challenged "the rule requiring every defendant to be named during the grievance process ...
To put the PLRA into its appropriate context, it is necessary to briefly review the 20th century history of incarceration in the United States (details are provided in the author's article, "U.S.
district court granted the defendants' motion, ruling in part that there was no futility exception in the PLRA.(10) The court concentrated on the legislative history of the PLRA, which was adopted by Congress in 1996,(11) and concluded that Congress intended no futility exception.(12) In Jackson and similar cases, government defendants have argued that "the legislative evolution [of the PLRA] irrefutably establishes that Congress intended exhaustion to be mandatory regardless of the effectiveness of the available administrative process."(13)
Arazi Record Centers were established by PLRA in all districts of Punjab with the major contribution of funding of the World Bank.
The PLRA chairman Mr Dareshak directed the concerned officials to take practical steps to complete the working on the said proposals so that the field staff could get their service structure.
Regarding the performance of PLRA, the minister said the Authority had collected revenue of Rs 1.44 billion during the financial year 2017-18.