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Jawa 1 will become the biggest PLTG in Indonesia using GE's latest gas turbine technology with the capacity of 1,760 MW.
The second largest in number are PLTA totaling 220 units (4.5%), PLTG 77 units (1.6%), PLTU 71 units (1.4%), PLTGU 66 units (1.3%), Solar power plant (PLTS) 50 units (1%) and wind generating power plant (PLT Bayu) 5 units (0.1%).
For the result of investment of the company in the 65 MW Gas-Fired Power Plant (PLTG) in Talang Duku Palembang, the company participated by contributing electricity during the Sea Games event sometime ago, and the recurring income from the project was realized this year.
The loan fund would be used to finance the construction of two PLTG projects using 35 machines of Wartsila 34SG in Aceh and Central Kalimantan.
UBP Semarang has three types of generators with a total installed capacity of 1,469.16 MW including combined cycle power plants (PLTGU), gas fired power plants (PLTG) and steam powered electric plants (PLTU).
The largest in capacity in 2010 were PLTU with capacity totaling 9,452 MW, followed by PLTGU 6,952 MW, PLTA 3,523 MW, PLTD 3,268 MW and PLTG 3,224 MW.
UBP Semarang has three power generating plants with a total installed capacity of 1,469.16 MW, Combined cycle power plant (PLTGU), Gas fired power plant (PLTG) and coal-fired power plant (PLTU).
Among the projects included civil construction of power plants of PLTU Labuhan Angin 3x142 MW, PLTU Labuan 2x300 MW, PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu, PLTG Muara Karang 2x240 MW and 3x100 MW, PLTGU Tanjung Priok, PLTU Pacitan, PLTU Indramayu 3 X 330 MW, PLTU Celukan Bawang Bali 3 x 142 MW; and EPC projects of PLTU Amurang 2x25 MW, IPP PLTD Bali 50 MW, IPP PLTP 50 MW, PLTU Asam- Asam 2x65 MW in South Kalimantan.
A number of other power generating projects to come on line in 2013 include PLTG Kaltim with a capacity of 2x50 MW, PLTU Takalar with a capacity of 2x100 MW, PLTU Bengkulu 2x55 MW, and PLTP Sungai Penuh Jambi 2x55 MW.
In the Java Bali system the types of power plants to be built include coal--fired power plants with a total capacity of 600MW PLTGU (combined cycle power plants) with a total capacity of 750MW, oil fueled gas power plant (PLTG) with a total capacity of 200MW and hydroelectric power plants (PLTA Pumped Storage unit) with a capacity of 500.
Its electric power projects in the country include the 6x150M gas fired power plant (PLTG) of Muara Tawar in Bekasi, West Java.