PLUKParents Let's Unite for Kids (Billings, MT; non-profit organization of parents of children with disabilities)
PLUKPlease Let Us Know
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Under the terms of the new SPA, Qatargas will deliver LNG to PLUK until 31 December 2023, an extension of its current contract due to expire on 31 December 2018.
PLUK is also responsible for securing LNG supplies into Dragon LNG terminal where Petronas owns 50% equity and capacity stake.
Juli 1914, 1-2," Vojensky ustfedm archiv Praha [VUA], Fond Vojskova telesa--PesI pluk 28, Box 2.
Representatives from Qatargas 4, Petronas' Management Committee and PLUK attended the ceremony.
HUDSON (1762) escribio de este taxon: "Gramen cyperoides elegans spica composita molli" Pluk. ph.
For the northern Thai ritual this intent is reflected in two distinct characteristic features, namely: the prominence of the Buddha story in sermon and chant, and the crucial role of holy monks whose meditation serves to implant Buddha parami [perfections] into the image (pluk sek).
as jy uitstap in Pretoria --vyfuur in die middag-- weg van die Grass-werkstuk, Nina Hagen afgeskakel, 'n brief uit Noordbrug, 'n ou uniformgespe, dryfhout, 'n skulp, die Milosz-aanhalings-- As jy uitstap in Pretoria deur die tuin: vinkel pluk, die tabakplant omgeval, sonneblomme weggedraai van die son, 'n skoelapper se wit-en-swart oor afrikaners, langsaan in die spoorweghuis blaai 'n meisie deur 'n plakboek filmsterre ...
Songs range from the surreal Frank Zappa-like Bounce to the anger of War and the conscience of PLUK, which tells of the Armenian genocide of 1915.
Chow Aen Lai phu pluk maitri thai-chin [Zhou Enlai: The man who cultivated Thai-Chinese friendship].
Qatargas has entered into a new five-year liquefied natural gas sale and purchase agreement (SPA) with Petronas LNG UK Limited (PLUK).
In Pluk die dag (1994) en Koerier (1999) word Aucamp se voorkeur vir die kwatryn voortgesit en nou in 2014 sluit hy sy omvangryke oeuvre af met Skulp, weer eens vol verse in kwatrynvorm.
Representatives from Qatargas 4, Petronas Management Committee and PLUK attended the ceremony.