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PLURPeace, Love, Unity, Respect (rave scene)
PLURPeople Living under Rocks
PLURPlease Let Us Rave
PLURPeople Look Ugly Rolling
PLURPlease Let Us Roll
PLURPedophiles Love Underage Ravers
PLURPretty Little Underage Raver
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Such processes challenge both the notion of an essential or omniscient PLUR ethos and the extent of the radical creativity or 'alternative' aesthetic within EDM clubsd That longstanding exclusionary trends are evident in Manchester, a city at the heart of the UK rave and post-rave EDM scenes, with a renowned diversity of specialist dance genres, is all the more striking.
*yr eiddi hwn / hon / hyn the EIDDI this.MASC / FEM / PLUR 'these things of hers'
THE TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LETTER [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Clarissimo Excellentissimo et Doctissimo Viro Domino Joanni Seldeno jurisconsulto et Philologo celeberrimo Domino suo Plur. Vendo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Cantabrigiae [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] xx 29 7bris Ao 1641 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Joannes Stephanus Rittangl Ling.
(4) The following abbreviations are used throughout this paper: SVO (subject-verb-non-subject order), NOM (nominative case), GEN (genitive case), DAT (dative case), ACC (accusative case), SING (singular number), PLUR (plural number).
Specifically, it will focus on lessons learned during a statewide crackdown on raves and club drug activity called "Operation Heat Rave." The paper describes the rave subculture and its themes of PLUR, vibe, technology, pleasure, and excess.
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One of them is ecclesiastical: whereas different forms of Protestantism have influenced the Anglo-American sphere in a plur alistic way, Roman Catholicism had a centralized and centralizing influence in southern and central Europe from the first century on.
Rimmerman concludes, however, "lesbians and gays are largely excluded from resources that are available to other groups within a plur alist system" (43).