PLVPartial Liquid Ventilation
PLVPour la Vie (French: For Life)
PLVPublicité sur le Lieu de Vente (POS advertising, promotions)
PLVProduzione Lorda Vendibile (Italian: Gross Saleable Production)
PLVProduction Level Video
PLVPamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (University of Valenzuela City; Philippines)
PLVPayload Launch Vehicle
PLVPublicidad en Lugar de Venta (Spanish: Point of Purchase Advertising)
PLVProgram Load Verification
PLVPulsed Light Velocimetry
PLVPlatoon Leader Vehicle
PLVParking Lot Vulture
PLVPosterior Left Ventricle
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Since the ALV and lateral vein were thinner and there were three branches in PLV, we made an attempt to affirm whether the LV lead could anchor in ALV or lateral vein, but the lead failed to go forward sufficiently because of narrowness and early activation mapping.
Another volunteer, Thomascine Agatha Meneses who is pursuing an education program at the PLV, said the module given them would be effective.
Aside from being a city-funded institution, the campus features high-tech amenities like the new PLV World card.
Leg spination: femora: I pl 0-0-1, do 1-0, vt with longitudinal row of setae; II do 1-1, vt = I; III pl 1-1, do 1-1; IV pl 0-0-1, do 1-1-1; patellae with do 1 distal and 1 proximal bristles; tibiae: I and II plv 1-1-1-1, rlv 1-1-1-1; III pl 1-1, plv 1-1, vt 1-1, rl 1-1; IV pl 1-1, rl 1-1; vt 2-2-2; metatarsi: I plv 1-1, rlv 1-1; II = I, III pl 1-1-1, rl 1-1-0, plv 1-1-0, rlv 1-1-0; IV pl 1-11, rl 1-1-1, plv 1-1, rlv 1-1, vt with numerous setae longitudinally.
The vessels, of Wartsila's latest VS 4146 PLV design, will be used for installation of umbilical and flexible flow lines and risers to connect sub-sea wells to floating production units in water depths of over 2,500 m.
PLV is thought to improve lung compliance by eliminating the air-liquid interface.
1000 km distance of Geodynamic Laboratory in Ksiaz from active coastal area excludes any loading or Newtonian effects of ocean origin as reason of large non-tidal PLV of a few hundred mas order.
The abbreviations BL = body length [excluding anterior median eyes, anal tubercle, spinnerets, and pedicel (if visible)], CL = carapace length, CW = carapace width, PLV = prolateroventral (followed by number of macrosetae), RLV = retrolateroventral (as in PLV), and RTA = retrolateral tibial apophysis are used in the descriptions.
In the short-term, the technique, also known as partial left ventriculectomy (PLV), does improve some CHF symptoms, including fatigue, breathlessness, and fluid accumulation in the lungs and limbs.
PLV 2000 Series products are liquid formulations utilizing DuPont Dow Elastomers' Viton, a fluorine-containing synthetic rubber, which in rigid form has been used in the engines and drive trains of passenger vehicles and trucks for many years.