PLVPartial Liquid Ventilation
PLVPour la Vie (French: For Life)
PLVPublicité sur le Lieu de Vente (POS advertising, promotions)
PLVProduzione Lorda Vendibile (Italian: Gross Saleable Production)
PLVProduction Level Video
PLVPamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (University of Valenzuela City; Philippines)
PLVPayload Launch Vehicle
PLVPublicidad en Lugar de Venta (Spanish: Point of Purchase Advertising)
PLVProgram Load Verification
PLVPulsed Light Velocimetry
PLVPlatoon Leader Vehicle
PLVParking Lot Vulture
PLVPosterior Left Ventricle
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6 million for the construction of the new PLV Campus on Tongco Street in Barangay Maysan.
Since we will be running three sites for PLV, it is important for parents and admin to track down where our students are at any given time.
Patient was satisfied with the appearance and wanted to carry on with the PLV.
Las PLV han sido abordadas como un tema de gran importancia en diversos lugares del mundo y muchos investigadores las han retomado dentro de contextos de educacion primaria, secundaria y universitaria (Adell et al.
The vessels, of Wartsila's latest VS 4146 PLV design, will be used for installation of umbilical and flexible flow lines and risers to connect sub-sea wells to floating production units in water depths of over 2,500 m.
Based on their clinical experiences, they concluded that PLV may be associated with observed improvements in gas exchange and pulmonary compliance.
1000 km distance of Geodynamic Laboratory in Ksiaz from active coastal area excludes any loading or Newtonian effects of ocean origin as reason of large non-tidal PLV of a few hundred mas order.
Other total leg I macrosetae numbers: tibiae PLV row 5-7, RLV row 5-10, plus 1 prolateral about 1/4 to 1/3 length from distal end; metatarsi PLV row 6-8, RLV row 6-7, plus 1 distal retrolateral and/or 1 proximal retrolateral (or both absent).
The PLVs for groundwater were exceeded for PAHs, BTEXs and phenols 63, 195 and 480 times (Table 5), respectively.
If "now" is specified as right before the firm spends the million dollars, then the million-dollar spending applies to prospects, and the expected PLV will be negative.
But a study of 59 patients who underwent PLV found that a year after surgery, most patients had died or were doing about the same or worse than before treatment, reported lead investigator Randall Starling, MD of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio.
It was concluded that PLV composed of thinner veneer (e.