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PLVSPower Line Vision System
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The Company intends to use the funds to: expand our sales force internally and externally, launch and market the new SecureView(R) PLVS Plus home monitoring system, complete commercialization of digital powerline products, expand direct television marketing, increase advertising and marketing expenditures in appropriate markets and product segments, begin the process of certifications to allow distribution in international markets, and for general and administrative expenses.
Retired) James Opfer, and his team expect to focus on selling PowerLinx security systems while building awareness for our PLVS safety systems and connectivity products which all use patented powerline technologies.
Over the past few weeks we have completed initial installations of our PLVS on several fleet trucks for various fleet truck operators.
Using SeaView's advanced PLVS technology and SIA's sales and marketing staff, and "We Care" quality program, this new partnership will provide quality advanced technology rearvision solutions for Class 2-8 trucks.
Our market research tells us that PLVS technology will be readily accepted in the truck and van market, as currently there are no easy-to-install and reliable vision system solutions for truck bodies and vans.
and the Federal Highway Commission in 1999 the Mack Partnership was created which includes a comprehensive one-year field test of PLVS technology involving 35 to 40 Mack vehicles owned by McKenzie Tank Lines.
These companies are significant players in the market and this project has the potential to include PLVS as standard safety equipment on all types of vehicles in the future.