PLWHIVPeople Living with HIV/AIDS (also seen as PLHIV)
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Each measure related to safer conception methods, as well as measures of internalized and community stigma related to childbearing among PLWHIV, were developed by the study team and are described elsewhere in more detail (31), including the wording of all items within each scale and psychometric characteristics (internal reliability, factor structure, and convergent and divergent validity); we have noted the internal reliability (Cronbach's alpha) of these newly developed measures in the descriptions below.
Our data reveal that multi-level factors (individual, partner and provider), but especially relationship or partner related variables, are associated with SCM awareness and attitudes, and may be key to developing effective interventions to promote use of SCM and safe, healthy pregnancies among PLWHIV.
A limitation of the study is the sample being comprised solely of PLWHIV who are receiving HIV care.
Unprecedented numbers of PLWHIV and HIV activist delegates attended the 4th South African AIDS Conference.
Instead of just covering the Community Exchange Encounters track, rapporteurs for Track 6 attended almost every session on the programme, as well as evaluating all six tracks from a community, PLWHIV perspective.