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PLoSPublic Library of Science
PLoSProgramming Languages and Operating Systems (workshop)
PLoSProposed Level of Service
PLoSPerangkat Lunak Open Source (Indonesian: Open Source Software)
PLoSParent Looking Over Shoulder
PLoSPrimary Logistics Oriented School
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Joe Balash, the Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management at the Department of the Interior, made the announcement and signed the PLO today alongside Gov.
The PLOS ONE study used this data to link higher-quality diets to more food waste.
The First Minister said: "I have listened carefully to the case made by those calling for change and the updated guidelines will remove even the perception of any conflict of interest in the role of PLOs."
"Not only did we change the entire look and feel of the site, all of the content on the site was rewritten to fit the core model approach," says Masami Overstreet, senior marketing communications manager for PLOS. The core model approach to design--created by information architect Are Halland--stresses that websites should have an inside-out design, with focus being placed squarely on the tasks that users most need to accomplish.
(PLOS One has also been criticized, along with other open-access sites, for charging authors a substantial amount to publish and for employing what some say is a rushed review process).
Of the six risk behaviors, smoking and physical inactivity showed the strongest association with mortality, followed by prolonged sitting, excess or not enough sleep, and poor diet, although there was no significant association between high alcohol intake and mortality (PLoS Med.
Articles on politically charged scientific topics, such as global warming, evolution and acid rain, are prime targets for sabotage, ecologists report August 14 in PLOS ONE.
PLOS Genetics published the final pieces of this picture: The process for how humans switched from ultraviolet (UV) vision to violet vision, or the ability to see blue light.
An estimated 461,000 Iraqis died between March 2003 and June 2011 as a direct or indirect result of the conflict, a new study published in journal PLOS Medicine has shown.
Previously, she worked as a production editor at Public Library of Science (PLOS), where she served as the lead copy editor and production editor for magazine-type articles across six different biomedical journals (PLOS Medicine, PLOS Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Pathogens and PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases).
Research published in PloS One shows that over a 2-year period only 1 in 3 patients who should be taking statins according to UK guidelines was prescribed them and that the drugs were prescribed inappropriately to 1 in 10 low-risk patients.
London, United Kingdom, August 10, 2013 --( "F1000Prime recommended" badges and scores have been added to all PLOS journal articles that have been selected for inclusion in F1000Prime by F1000's Faculty of peer-nominated life scientists and clinicians.