PM J-AITProduct Manager, Joint - Automatic Identification Technology (formerly Product Manager, Automatic Identification Technology)
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PM J-AIT operates the DOD global RF-ITV system, infrastructure, and database, which aggregates RFID tag data for all customers.
To ensure that you receive long-term support from PM J-AIT and their field support engineers, register your read and write sites using a permanent email address, such as your Army Knowledge Online address.
The PM J-AIT Global Help Desk contact information is--
Pat Burden, PM J-AIT. "This is a significant milestone for DOD in that this migration will not only give DOD and other Federal agencies' customers best-value solutions at competitive prices, but it moves us to ISO 18000.7:2008 compliant products, thus broadening interoperability with DOD and our Coalition partners.
In addition, PM J-AIT will offer site surveys, installation, integration, implementation, and training for turn-key aRFID solutions to the Department of Defense, Unites States Coast Guard, NATO, Federal Agencies, Coalition Partners, and other Foreign Military Sales.
PM J-AIT products and services are customer driven, instantly accessible, and capable of being updated.
PM J-AIT integrated a commercial sensor application with the RF-ITV server and upgraded the ITV network nodes with sensor read capabilities along the demonstration's distribution routes from USAMMCE to final destinations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Prompted by incidents of active RFID tags being destroyed, damaged, and stolen from containers without command knowledge, PM J-AIT conducted a limited operational test in the CENTCOM AO of the new ST 675-I security sensor container tag.