PM25Particulate Matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter
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We found that differences in excess risk were statistically significant for [O.sub.3] (excess risk: 0.22%, 95% CI [0.13, 0.30]) compared with S[O.sub.2] (0.10%, 95% CI [0.02, 0.18]) and PM25 (0.09%, 95% CI [0.03, 0.15]) (p-values of .05 and .02, respectively) and were marginally significant (p = .07) when comparing [O.sub.3] and N[O.sub.2] (0.11%, 95% CI [0.03, 0.19]).
Neither Zuckerberg nor anyone in his party wore a mask, despite thick smog and also well-known by tourists to the city.Levels of PM25 and the smallest, most dangerous particulates and were above 300 micrograms per cubic metre in Beijing throughout the morning before the photo was posted, according to data from the US Embassy in the city.
Commuters' exposure to PM25, CO, and benzene in public transport in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.
They have proven that [PM.sub.10], PM25, S[O.sub.2] and N[O.sub.2] concentrations may increase risk of getting respiratory symptoms.
The key factors responsible for air pollution in Pakistan are rapidly growing energy demand due to relatively higher population growth rates, fast growing transport sector, unplanned infrastructure, and widespread use of lowquality fuel and above all are the alarming level of particulate matters (PM10 and PM25).
maximum genotypes PM04, PM10, PM11, PM13, PM14, PM15, PM17, PM18, PM19, PM20, PM21, PM22, PM23, PM25, PM30, PM32, PM33, PM34, PM35, PM36, PM37, PM38, PM39, PM40, PM41, PM43, PM44, PM45, PM46, PM47, PM271 (previously selected by Embrapa Beef Cattle) and cultivars Mombaca, Tanzania, Massai and Milenio, and three replications.
(29) niveis de PM25 associados a aumentos de 2,9 e 2,6% nos atendimentos por doencas respiratorias de criancas no 6 e 7 dias subsequentes a exposicao.
Data for PM25 nonattainment areas are also from the
Studies assessing the impact of clean air acts in Delaware and Boston have demonstrated that they can significantly reduce PM25 concentrations (Repace, 2004; Repace, 2006).
No associations were observed for PM25 and asthma ED visits.