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PM3Project Management Maturity Model (also seen as PMMM)
PM3Persistent Modula-3 (programming language)
PM3Patternmaker Third Class (Naval Rating)
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In comparison of the three methods AM1, RM1 and PM3, RM1 gives the lowest energies for the single as well as dimers of the two reduced products.
Keywords: Phenoxazine, PM3 calculation, conformational structures, equilibrium constant, thermodynamics.
Theoretical Study of the Deprotonation of Nitriles, RCH2CN: Ab Initio and PM3 Calculations of Intermediate Aggregates and Transition States.
The PM3 NTT machines will be a strategic addition to ADNPM's production line where the entire factory production is currently depending on Italian-made machine.
The inclusion process between NT and PVC and the possible obtaining of new stable structures were studied using quantum mechanical PM3 method.
The ANOVAs for the PM3 plate determined that the difference between the two strains with respect to biofilm production (p = 0.
Para calcular las energias de las configuraciones de los clusteres generados aleatoriamente, se uso el hamiltoniano semiempirico PM3.
In Malaysia, gas sales averaged 121 mmcf/d, 10% higher than the same period last year, reflecting optimization initiatives at PM3 and strong regional gas demand.
Eaton (Pittsburgh, PA) is expanding its circuit protection offering with the PM3 power monitoring and metering module, which monitors the power of branch and main circuit applications.
Elements include a portion of the paired premaxillae containing alveoli for the second and third incisors; maxillae with most of the premolars (PM) intact (right PM4, PM3, PM2; left PM4, PM3, the last loose in matrix); the jugals, zygomatic processes, squamosals, and exoccipital are largely intact.
PM3 has a feature which allows calculation of EE using the acceleration and deceleration of the flywheel on every stroke.
PM2 Caudal-presion Tuberia troncal con mas del 10% del caudal en el sistema: PM3 Caudal-presion Tuberia troncal con mas del 10% del caudal en el sistema.